Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy

What is Ozone Therapy used for:

  • Slow aging with decreased oxidative stress

  • Encourage homeostasis (self-balancing)

  • Improve your body and mind with increased oxygenation

  • Reduce chances of illness and promote wellness with immune modulation.

How is Ozone Therapy is done @MIAAcupuncture:

Ear Insufflation - Benefits to the ear, nose, throat, and brain - Everyone gets a cold from time to time. Sometimes we just have congestion or an ear infection. For that reason, ozone ear insufflation is a fantastic therapy. Not to mention it’s useful for chronic diseases affecting the brain.

Rectal Insufflation - Benefits the Whole Body, a systemic treatment self administered in the office. Immediately after the therapy, scientists can measure an increase of oxygenation in the blood. It helps with energy, stamina, the immune system, and much more.

Vaginal Insufflation- For vaginal infections and inflammation

Some people claim vaginal insufflation is a systemic therapy, like rectal insufflation. It is commonly used for vaginitis, infections, and other issues. This is also self adminstered in the office.

Ozone Water - For skin and oral infections, sores, cavitations, receding gums. Similar to vaginal insufflations, people also claim that ozone water carries a great systemic benefit. It certainly acts as a great disinfectant and aids the healing process.

Common dental purposes: cavitations, infections, post-surgery, sores, ulcers, receding gums and more.

Common skin purposes: washing of wounds, lesions, infections, sores, ulcers, and more. Alleged systemic purposes: issues pertaining to the digestive tract including, acid reflux, IBS, stomach ulcers, and more.

Ozone Limb Bagging - For skin wounds, lesions, and infections on a limb Ozone limb bagging is only necessary if you have skin wounds, lesions, infections, and similar issues.

Ozone Cupping- For skin wounds, lesions, and infections on the torso

Ozone cupping is the same as limb bagging, except for the torso. It is only necessary if you have skin wounds, lesions, infections, and similar issues.