Group Acupuncture

Group Acupuncture

What is Community acupuncture/Affordable acupuncture?
In Asia, acupuncture has traditionally been practiced in a group rather than individual settings for most of it’s long history. For acupuncture to be most effective, patients need to receive it frequently and regularly — far more frequently and regularly than most insurance plans will pay for. As acupuncture has moved toward the mainstream, it has been forced into a paradigm of one-on-one treatments and high prices, which has decreased not only patient access, but treatment efficacy. MIA Acupuncture offers more affordable and accessible treatments by promoting the practice of acupuncture in a community setting for $30 a treatment (plus a one time fee of $25 for the for the preliminary paper work and the initial consultation).

What is a community setting?
The treatments will be given in a quiet and relaxing room where there are 2 other patients being treated as well. The patient will will be lying down on a massage table or seated in a comfortable reclining chair while the needles are inserted and for the duration of the treatment. The tables and recliners are separated with room dividers for some privacy. The needles are usually only inserted in areas from the elbows down and from the knees down so one is to wear loose clothing that could be rolled up. There are occasionally times where patients will need to be face down on the massage table but this is seldom. If any undressing needs to be done, the patients are treated in a private room.  

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