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Do you want to sleep as well as you would on vacation at a luxury spa hotel? Do you want to feel as relaxed as you would after having an amazing massage? How about all that and more at the fraction of the price and in the comfort of your own bedroom?

Comphy Sheets were designed to improve your sleep experience by engaging a research firm to study the sleep habits and patterns of test participants. The results show that people sleep 2 hours longer, fall asleep faster and wake up less frequently when sleeping on Comphy Sheets.

Comphy Sheets were designed for spa treatment tables but have expanded their line due to the high demand.

Why such a high demand for bedding?

    • Although silks and engineered fabrics do not use thread count as a measure, Comphy Sheets look and feel like 600 thread count cotton (at a fraction of the price and upkeep/care needed to make your bed look luxurious).

    • We use a performance fabric, meaning that it has functional benefits beyond regular cotton such as moisture management, antimicrobial and allergen protection.

    • Our sheets are woven in such a way to allow air to move freely through it, meaning they will not make you sweat.

    • We use only eco-friendly microfiber, which is 100% recyclable.

      • Comphy Sheet's poly-microfiber dries quickly.

    • Our sheets are treated for stain release and guaranteed against staining for 300 washes or 3 years with the exception of staining from grape seed oil and jojoba oil.

    • These are one of the only sheets that come highly recommended for sensitive skin. the extra fine weave protects against dust mite allergens and even the quilt filling is made of microfiber, insuring durability and is non-allergenic.

    • The fitted sheet has 18" deep pockets to fit newer pillow top mattresses.


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